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R1 3.0 BFG Real Street

R1 3.0 BFG Real Street

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Prior to making the switch to 4pole this was my go to motor, smooth, fast efficient.  If your looking for 2pole power this is the motor for you.

Reminder these motors have a 5mm shaft

 These motors come Tuned with Titanium Hardware

Now Including NBR Super Ceramic Bearings   (8/1/23)

These are built to order expect 7-10 days for shipping 


From R1

This is our new prototype 2 Pole motor!

Let me repeat again this is a prototype test motor. These motors are crazy fast so good luck being able to lay the power down!

These new motors have a longer stator and rotor shaft. They have a heavy duty end-bell, bearings, and center shaft!

It has a 5mm shaft

All of these combine to make a extremely high torque and speed!

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